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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Grateful 2010

It was a lovely day, total routine, just leading a horse
Then the day took a very different course
A sudden kick in the back,
wow – what a mean attack!
A trip to the emergency room
resulted in a report filled with gloom:
Three to five broken ribs and a liver contusion.
Maybe it was all just an illusion?
Alas, no indeed, it was not,
Dr. Johnson also worried about a potential blood clot.
Once stabilized, I was moved to ward “Johnson number five”
where they would, for the next six days keep me alive.
The hospital staff allowed me to rest and to heal,
Their care was tender and absolutely ideal
Dr. Johnson, knowledgeable and in charge
Designed and led the way to improvement and discharge
My friends, family, and coworkers who care
Made my room the brightest one there.
With balloons, stuffed animals, cards, and flowers
Your phone calls, messages, and visits at all hours
“Thank you” is not enough to express how I feel
It is because of You that I am able to heal

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