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Monday, February 14, 2011

Nothing Ventured. Nothing Gained.

A voucher for a free flight with British Airways arrived in my email inbox late January.

Patagonia,  "The End of The World", had been the topic of conversation a few times in the relatively short time we´d known each other but since time and tide wait for no one, I forwarded the email with the curious mindset and hopes I have when I go fishing in the wrong spot with all the wrong gear: Hoping for a positive outcome but with no expecations, knowing full well that the alternate scenario is the more likely of the two. I hit "send". The email header was simply "Patagonia anyone?"

Expecting an answer "yes, but... work, family, money, vacation time..." common obstacles for even the most willing and spontaneous, I read the short, almost immediate reply. It was one word:


"Sure!" is hard to misconstrue. 

Six weeks later, we were standing on the doorstep of his house, packed and ready to leave. We´d known each other for three months.

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