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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Spring is here: A little bird told me.

North of Boston, April 16, 2017

Around here we all expect several more weeks of unpredictable weather, and know that a hot day with temperatures in the 80s, like today is but an utter fluke and a tease for the warmer weather we so long for after several months of winter.

Brave flowers have stuck their colorful noses out but may be covered in frost tomorrow.

We have broken in to the summer clothes but won't yet pack away the winter coats, and the snow shovels may best be left out handy for another day or two.

But today I saw the first swallow of the season fight her way into the stiff breeze of Marblehead harbor, a sure symbol of spring.

The swallow is said to represent love, care and affection toward friends and family, and to carry a drowned sailor's soul to heaven. They also symbolize freedom and hope so I'm putting that shovel away tonight.

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