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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nicaragua - Are You Ready?

Let your gut guide your answers to the following questions. You get one point for each correct answer. A maybe usually means no, so you get no points for that… At the end, you’ll know if you are ready for a trip to Nicaragua or not.
  1. You get off the plane in Managua and your ride is nowhere to be found. You go to call him but your international phone doesn’t work. You:
A.     check out the local bus service
B.     catch a cab for the one and a half hour ride
C.     ask someone to use their cell phone to call your ride
D.    A and C
  1. As you pick up your beach towel from the kitchen counter, an 8cm long scorpion scurries across the counter and launches himself onto the floor and hides under the trashcan. You:
  A.   scream and run out of the house
  B.   kill it using your dinner fork
  C.   ask someone else to bring it outside 
  1. You go to brush your teeth at night and when you look in the sink, a frog is staring you in the face. You:
A.  wait until he disappears to where he came from
B.  remove it with your hands
C.  don't brush your teeth

  1. The first page of the manual for the house you rented lists "local critters: Sting rays, poisoneus toads, scorpions, angry ants, and 27 varieties of snakes - 24 of which are deadly." You:
A.     call your travel agent and change your flight home to "as soon as possible"
B.     continue reading about the local fauna, electrical outages, and shortage of water
C.     call and accuse your agent of putting you in danger

  1. You get tagged by a scorpion. The local cure is to drink a strong cup of coffee right away. You:
A.     insist on going to the local health clinic
B.     trust the locals and have a cup of coffee
C.     mix your own remedy using your EPI pen, antibiotics and whatever you have in your travel 1st aid kit
6. Your rental car arrives. It looks like a gangsta’ car. The      door doesn't work. The hand break is busted. The gearbox works like a game of Russian roulette. You:
      A.     refuse it
      B.     ask for an upgrade
      C.     get in, turn up the kick-ass stereo so you can’t hear the rattle, and drive off in a cloud of dust

  1. After two days, you have sand and dust in every orifice of your body, your clothes, in your bed. You:
A.     change sheets and dust the house every day
B.     embrace it and look at it as free nightly exfoliation of your skin
C.     complain about it, loudly and avoid the beach

8. Your house owner has told you to conserve water. You:
          A.     turn the water off as you lather up in the shower
          B.     flush the toilet only after # 2
          C.     shower off by the beach whenever possible
          D.    all of the above

9. You have been told there are sting rays in the ocean. You:
          A.     don't go in
          B.     shuffle your feet as the locals do
          C.     walk in thinking it won't happen to you

  1. You are driving down the road and see a family of three looking for a ride. The man carries a machete. You:
A.     keep driving without looking at them
B.     stop and tell them you are only going another 200 yards, so there is no point in them catching a ride with you
C.     offer them a ride

  1. You are trying to make a purchase but the sales person doesn’t understand you. You:
A.     speak louder
B.     use gestures
C.     leave without buying anything

  1. There is an oxcart coming down the road. You want to take a photo. You:
A.     ask for permission
B.     take the photo without permission
C.     opt out

Answer Key: 1D, 2B, 3A, 4B, 5B, 6C, 7B, 8D, 9B, 10C, 11B, 12A

You scored:
1 – 6:  You have no business leaving home.
7-9:  Try camping. Locally.
10-12: You have guts and are not afraid to stretch the limits of your comfort zone. Book your flight (via Houston). You are in for a treat.

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